Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors


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Powerful garage door opener 120Kg lifting power!

Ideal for any garage doors. Sectional door; spring balanced door or counterweighted door

 Provides energy-efficient performance year after year. This package contains a manual unlocking system from inside/ outside the garage. Belt driven or chain driven, at your choice: just select the desired variant Durable and Rugged. Industrial strength chain drive garage door openers are perfect for any garage in any climate. Belt driven version provides you all the power combined with extra quiet operations. Combines a strong pulling force with a steel-reinforced belt to lift heavy doors and reinforced doors in high wind areas while delivering power, ultra-quiet performance. Ensures it will not disturb adjacent living spaces. DUCATI's in-house made dc Motors are designed to ensure proven reliability and durability. Hostaform ® main gear Module1,25 ensures High traction force and reliability.

  • Ducati 24V gear motor with toroidal transformer, electronic board CTH29S
  • Built-in courtesy light and 433,92Mhz radio receiver
  • 2,70 m long rail with pre-mounted fixing brackets & mounting components
  • Belt /chain drive ( select the desired variant)
  • Manual release system from inside/ outside
  • 1 DUCATI rolling coded remote control
  • Mounting instruction

  • Stops intruders by securely locking the garage door when it is closed
  • Self-learning programming with memorization of remote controls,
  • Featuring electric limit switches to set the open & closed position
  • SOFT STOP slow-downs speed  both in opening and closing phase
  • In case of power failure, you can easily manually release the system both from inside or outside your garage
  • Motor power adjustment: you can adjust the motor power by simply turning a potentiometer
  • ARS Automatic Reversal system reverse movement by obstacle detection to ensure maximum security
  • Safety guaranteed by automatic amperometric obstacle detection system: in case the door detects an obstacle, it will reverse the movement. In compliance with European safety norms EN13241; EN12453
  • Easy to be installed. 2,70 m long rail with the pre-assembled mounting component.
  • 30-sec courtesy light on board
  • 2 working modes: Step by step (open-stop-close) or trimerized automatic close with adjustable timer 1-100 seconds

The Professional Garage Door Opener, reliable, durable, and powerful.

Working limits: 

Up to 120 kg lifting power.

Door requirement:

Sectional and spring balanced door up to 230m in height

Counterweight balanced doors up to 2,15m in height requires additional accessory  part: 992012

Higher doors ( up to 3m height) requires additional optional 70cm extension rail & chain  part: 992013 ( Warning extension is only available for chain-driven versions

Features continuous cycle working DC motor.

Automatically reverses the door if detects any obstacle.


Input Voltage
230VAC 50HZ / 110VAC 60Hz Choose the desired variant
System operating Voltage 24V
Max Pull Force 1200N
Rated Power 240W
Standby Absorption 7mA
Max door height 2,4m spring or sectional door/2,28m Counterweight balanced doors
Max door area 16mq
Headroom required 50mm
Hanging weight 9kg

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