Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors



It's no big surprise that energy costs money.

Anything you can do to conserve energy puts some of that money back in your pocket

Any gate or garage door opener draw a small amount of power even when you don't use them:
they keep waiting to receive a remote controlled signal 24/24h, and this cost money !
DUCATI’s openers provide best-in-class low power draw operation when the gate is idle.
This is how we help you holding your money in your pocket without wasting it !
Ducati's Low Consumption Technology ensures:
  • Electronics with reduced standby energy consumption up to 0,007A only
  • High efficiency DC motors make you save over 80% panel power supply on electricity bills 

Using a DUCATI Low consumption gate or garage door opener in place of standard ones will result in up to 100€ / 110$ savings in yearly energy bills. 


Gate, and garage door openers operate for only a few minutes per day, they don’t use much electricity to open and close your door. But there’s a catch: most openers use much more energy during the minutes per day when they are “off” than they do during the few minutes per day when they are on. Like any appliance that has a remote control, any door opener is always on. Even when it isn’t operating, it is warm and  listening for the radio signal that will tell the machine to spring into action. This type of electrical draw is called a “phantom load"  and it's what we refer to by "STAND-BY" consumption
Majority of today's competitors gate or garage door openers  standby consumption is about 1 watt. and most of the manufacturer's don't even declare it and that in itself is a signal that should put you on the alert.
  • Older openers have a standby power draw as high as 14 watts.
  • Ducati garage door opener consumption reaches up to 0,008 W Only!
  • This means at least a cost reduction of 90% that, translated, means up to hundred dollars saved yearly in your bills!
How to calculate  how much  your  openers will cost you yearly in terms of power supply:
The standby consumption  can be expressed in A or W. 
Remembering the simple equation W= V x A you can easily calculate  how much  does your opener consume daily.

Reduced consumption  ensures high reliability of DUCATI SOLAR POWERED gate & garage door openers.

This can also be translated by a need of use of solar panels of reduced dimensions and of relatively low capacity batteries. This will not only guarantee high operating autonomy even in bad weather conditions, but also a reduced price. Reducing solar panel and battery size, brakes down the cost to the consumer without reducing the safety of owing a motor running in complete autonomy by any climate.


Avoiding unnecessary waste of energy you help protecting the environment