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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors




Our main willing is to in-house design and in-house manufacture all components of our openers to ensures hight quality standards and efficient productivity process.
For Over 35 years Ducati has designed and manufactured openers with innovative solutions that make home access easier and safer. 
Our customers' satisfaction is the benchmark for our work and we therefore focus our attention for maximum customer benefit.
Due to short and fast communication between our area departments, each adjustments to changing market needs can be made quickly. In addition, research, development, prototyping and manufacturing are housed in one location.
To guarantee reliability DUCATI apply rigorous product testing, careful process controls and constant monitoring of every phase of production.
Each phase of the product, from design to assembly, is closely monitored by a highly specialized team and state-of-the art equipment.
The production process is carried out in our factory located in in Fidenza, Italy, which enables the internal controllers to reliably check on the whole production process.
We concentrate on ensuring our success through constant quality monitoring each phase of manufacture. 
Ducati's gate openers are  designed to provide  long lasting service in any climate.
They must  ensure a long life even with intensive continuous use.
It is therefore  of primary importance to have under constant control each stage of production of every mechanical component.
Substantial investments  are directed to our manufacturing plant witch is equipped with robotic machines  which ensure high productivity and  constant quality.


Each new project is an exciting challenge  for us, it fuels our passion and makes us love our job.
The great communicative between between all staff of our company determines immediacy of answers to questions of the customer and market.
We are structured to cda eliminate any barrier to dialogue, and everyone we interact constantly with both the customers that among our departments.
This dynamism, resilience and flexibility guarantee a rapid development and realization of new projects.
We use so smart new technologies available on the market, without losing sight of what, for us are the priorities to which our product always goddesses answer: intuitive and easy to use combined with maximum reliability over time
From design to prototyping we pass quickly while we devote a lot of time testing before putting on a new product market. During the testing phase we simulate multiple factors in order to anticipate every possible real case 
This allows design and engineering with great flexibility, shortening our time to market


Our employees are our most valuable asset.
Teamwork and strong cohesion - like a big family - are not just empty words, but day after day we consciously experience this reality. Therefore we put much emphasis on long-standing affiliation and constant training and development of our employees.
The resulting high level of knowledge and experience of our staff is always and everywhere appreciated by our customers.