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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors



Ducati is leader in manufacturing powerful DC motor equipped gate openers and offers a wide rage of gate and garage door openers ensuring that you get the most comfortable access to your property.
Gate and garage door openers must ensure that  you get the most comfortable access to your property when you need it.
Any time, every day, in any place, in any climate, with hot , cold or in the rain, our openers must  always work and  must provide efficiency and years long reliability  even in high duty continuous use.
The immediate open of your gate  requires immediate high power torque. Working outdoor in  high duty continuous use require no motor overheating: this are only 2 of the reasons why to choose DC motors as the best engines to operate your gate or garage door.
DC powered openers also ensure autonomous use in case of power supply: get peace of mind when entering your property.


Powerful DC motors 

Power is expressed by Wattage. W= V x A  this simple equation refutes the absurd conviction of some that DC motors would be less powerful than AC motor

Ideal for continuous use high traffic situations

DC motors do not overheat: they can therefor work in continuous use working cycles.

Ideal solution for most demanding commercial and heavy duty industrial work places work places or gated community/Apartments. DC motor equipped gate openers are designed to let you easily secure and manage a high volume of employee and visitor access. Years of reliable performance. Unparalleled safety and security.

Autonomous use in case of power failure

DC motor equipped openers are compatible with back-up battery power supply and can work  autonomously up to 5 days in case of power failure

Can work 100% autonomously powered by solar panel

DC motor equipped openers, combined with DUCATI's low consumption technology ensure long lasting performances  reliability  if powered by solar module. 100% autonomous use.

High starting torque

Ideal to be used at cold temperatures. Starts immediately no matter the temperature. Gate automation requires a immediate and powerful immediate start. DC motors have 10 times higher initial starting point if compared to AC motors. DC motors consume 10 times less than a comparable AC motor.

Accurate power control & obstacle detection ensure your safety

Attending the obstacle detection safety norms EU EN13241-12453 Low voltage motor has very precise absorption detection in case of impact on an obstacle it is immediately detected. We keep power under control to prevent any injury even without use of additional safety sensors.  Click here to watch our video

Reduce waste and help sustain  our environment

DC Motors manufactures reduce prime material abuse: using less copper and less iron reduce waste of raw materials, transport and hence the pollution of our planet.

In-house manufactured DC motors

DUCATI HOME automation manufactures his own motors on fully robotized machines. Quality controls are taken on 100% of each motor to preserve maximal quality and reliability.  Click here to watch our manufacture video

To resume:

  • DC motor systems are more suitable for higher operation levels as they tend to run cooler than AC ( 230V / 110V) gate motors witch are also unsafe and less reliables than DC motors.
  • DC motors are ideal to be used on any kind of gates: residential, domestic properties (detached/semi-detached homes), or communal gates (apartment blocks, gated communities, commercial premises)
  • DC motors  systems can draw power from battery backup systems meaning they can still operate during any mains power cut (a 230v or 3 phase system would need to be opened with a manual release key).
  • DC motor systems can also be powered by solar power units as a means of charging batteries, allowing you to site gate automation in rural and remote locations where main power is unavailable.
  • DC motors ensures high operations (open/close) per hour  as they can work continuously without overheting
  • Suitable for shared and communal gates (apartment blocks, gated communities, commercial premises)
  • Suitable for remote locations (battery/solar powered)
  • Suitable for failsafe requirements (battery backup power).