Sun is the source of all energies and offer you  lifetime free opening and closing of your door

Conquer energy independence for life with a DUCATI opener powered by PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR PANEL

No problem is power is not available: 

  • Get on and off your property even when the power’s out with integrated Battery Backup feature and ultra-efficient Power Management System
  • Delivers the performance you need, when you need it with an ultra-reliable  DUCATI Solar Power System 
  • DUCATI’s DUCOSOL technology, makes our solar sustained gate & garage door systems as reliable as a hardwired system even by cloudy winter weather
  • Unmatched performance and realibility in rural areas where powered isn’t readily available
  • The use of low consumption photocells #7120 does not compromise the system’s autonomy

DUCATI Reduced consumption Technology ensures high reliability of DUCATI SOLAR POWERED gate & garage door openers.

This can also be translated by a need of use of solar panels of reduced dimensions and of relatively low capacity batteries. This will not only guarantee high operating autonomy even in bad weather conditions, but also a reduced price. Reducing solar panel and battery size, brakes down the cost to the consumer without reducing the safety of owing a motor running in complete autonomy by any climate.