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SOLAR 3012

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30W 12V Solar Panel
Supplied with robust  fixing bracket

photovoltaic module made with monocrystalline  silicon cells.
Highly transparent prismatic tempered glass and  Tedlar sheet protects the cells, which are encapsulated between two sheets of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). A robust anodized aluminum frame 25mm makes the modules extremely resistant.
The production process ensures the cells maximum protection even under the most demanding working conditions and the most difficult environmental conditions.

Maximum power (Pmax) 30Wp
short circuit current (Isc) 1.90 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.17V
MPP current (Imax) 0.66 A
MPP voltage (Vmax) 38 V
Isolation voltage 600 Volt
NOCT (800W / m2-20 ° C - AM 1,5) 47 ° C

Dimensions (mm) 798x 356 x 30
Weight  3.4 Kg + bracket


Place of production form Italy
Number of cells 72
Front (Front) Tempered glass 4 mm
Rear (Rear) Tedlar multi-layer
encapsulation EVA
Anodized aluminum frame
Junction Box IP65-2 bypass diodes

BAT 1212

BAT 1212


Description 12V 12A lead-acid sealed battery Extra slim model  Chemistry: lead acid Capacity: 12Ah Volts: 12 Dimensions 10cm W x 15cmL x 9 cm H

€ 45.00EUR
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