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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors

Skoorry 853 B (PROFESSIONAL + APP)

€ 1,190.00EUR

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  • UNIQUE! Powerful 300W 24V motorgear with ABSOLUTE ENCODER in elegant and robust anodized aluminum shell
  • SET the gate position easily from your APP (Dukapp) and no need of any reset during time. magnetic or mechanic end limits are no longer needed and this simplify the installation.
  • Management of all functions and parameters from Smartphone with Dukapp  APP compatible with Android and IOS ( download app Dukapp on google play or apple store)
  • Ideal for heavy gates up to 800kg and continuous/intensive  use
  • MULTI-USERS command your gate from your smartphone : you can add USERS and remote controls directly from your smartphone very easily
  • You can set the desired speed and countless other parameters directly from your smartphone without having to access the electronic control unit: you are free to easily set your gate as you desire!
  • 41 cm h  aluminium shell 
  • Minimum motor size: only 20 cm in width and 14 in depth: can be installed even where space is limited
  • Complies with European safety standards EN12453
  • Quick manual unlocking with anti-burglary protection system

SKoorry 853 B (PROFESSIONAL +   Dukapp  APP)

Innovative Sliding gate opener gates weitghting up to 800kg with a unique easy and friendly management of all parameters and functions directly from your Smartphone with dedicated APP (DUKAPP).

Skoorry 853 APP features a unique absolute encoder system to set the open and closed position of your gate: it is no longer necessary to position any limit switch on the gate, neither mechanical nor magnetic.

The opener will always know its exact and real position with millimeter precision, giving the user precise and instantaneous feedback. From your smartphone, you can set the operating modes, the speed, and register both the remote controls and the users who are always authorized from your smartphone to open and close the gate. It will also be possible to set a block during absences and activate an alarm in the event of an attempted break-in. Compatible with ANDROID and IOS smartphones weighing up to 800kg


Download the  Dukapp  application for IOS on APPLE Store from your iPHONE: 

Download the  Dukapp  application for Android on Google play:


This new sliding gate opener made by Ducati Home and fully manufactured in Italy, offers a sturdy and elegant body in robust anodized aluminum. A product with a unique design that provides highest reliability. It is also ideal for intensive or continuous use.

With Dukapp anti-robbery closure with exclusion of closing photocells anti-robbery closure with exclusion of closing photocells you can give 4 different commands to your gate opener:

- total opening

-partial opening for pedestrian cross

- Stop

- anti-robbery closure with exclusion of closing photocells



with Dukapp you can check the status of your gate as well check the battery charge staus and how much is your solar panel recharging directly from your smartphone:

You can manage all settings directly from your app Dukapp without access the electroni cboard of your gate opener anymore:


Dukapp, with its intuitive interface, allows you to interact with the Ducati Home Automation devices of the PRO range in a simple and immediate way.

You will be able to set the stop positions of your gate or door and make all the adjustments you want including:

- Operating mode, choosing between:
step by step / automatic or semi-automatic closing / holiday lock
/dead man control mode.
- Full speed
- Approach speed
- obstacle detection sensitivity

It will also be possible to activate and manage :

- the pre-flashing time, duration of the courtesy light function,
- activate or deactivate photocells during opening and closing or a possible emergency    stop contact.
- activate or deactivate an alarm system

With Dukapp you can add remote controls or enable new users;

-add one or more remote controls in use,
give each one a name, and choose to set a different command
for each key.
If a remote control is lost, simply delete it from the app.

From the same app you can also control and manage different devices and switch from one to another in a very simple and immediate way

- enables new users who will be able to control the automation from their smartphone.


  • 1x Skoorry 853MC 24V DC motor case with integrated fixing plate; toroidal transformer, electronic board CTH53, onboard radio receiver (Ducati rolling coded);
  • 1 pair of keys for manual unlocking
  • 2 x  x DUCATI rolling coded remote controls
  • 1 x  blinker

SOFT START-SOFT STOP: set the desired gate speed on your DuKapp

The opener stops in both directions decreasing the speed and avoiding unwished banging closing. You can set the speed of the opener and the decreasing speed as well from your smartphone. This prevents usury and ensures the long life of your opener and gate. This function prevents the door from banging approach

You can set up the maximal speed  up o 24m/min and the decreasing speed directly from the App on your smartphone.

 DUCO SAFE technology.  Safety is ensured by a sensitive amperometric obstacle detection system and pressure control. In case the gate touches an obstacle it will immediately stop with pressure control preventing severe injuries. Photocells (infrared safety beans) are no longer mandatory. Photocells are an optional accessory that can be added to prevent scratches to the painting of vehicles crossing while the gate is closing.In compliance with EN norms EN13241-1: 2003 + A1 ( April 2011 ) EN12453 : 2002 EN12445 : 200

You can select wether to apply EU 12453  or EN12453/2017 norms or set the NON EU norms depending directly with Dukapp  on your smartphone

ASR (Automatic Reversal System)

Thanks to the integrated amperometric detection system and direction sensor, the opener is provided with an automatic reversal system in case the gate reaches an obstacle, the opener stops immediately and reverses automatically. The highest safety is ensured.

  • Ideal for a safe, quick, and easy installation: the system is electrocution risk-free.
  • Low consumption technology: only 0,007A stand-by consumption! reduces waste of energy, and saves money. Ensure long-lasting autonomous use ad reliability. Ideal for intensive continuous use.
  • can work by rechargeable backup batteries for autonomous use in case of power failure. Advanced battery recharge system is integrated on the main board and you can check the status of the charge of your batteries directly on your smartphone with Dukapp.
  • Ideal for a safe, quick, and easy installation: the system works in DC current and is electrocution risk-free. 
  • 3 main working modes: "STEP by STEP" ( push to open & push to close); Automatic closure; semi-automatic closure with pause time adjustable directly from your smartphone with Dukapp + you can set Vacation Block to make the gate opener unactivable while you are on holiday. You can also set the dead-man-working mode if required for a specific site.
  • Motor housing  is in full sturdy alluminium shell to guarantee life-long duration and durability in all the most extreme climatic conditions
  • Easy  self-storing  of the remotes controls directly form your Dukapp. You can add a Ducati remote control without accfess to the main board of your gate opener. you manage all settings directly from your smartphone with Dukapp. You can assign a name to eachr emote control and assign a different command to each button of the same remote control. 
  • Adjustable motor power/ obstacle detection sensibility. By decreasing the power the gate opener will be more sensible in case of impact on an obstacle. The adjustment is very easy
  • Pedestrian opening (partial opening of one the gate  to allow  pedestrian crossing only) This feature can be controlled by remote control  or wired command
  • Made in Italy - All components are manufactured in the company to warranty high quality and reliability.
  • After-sale service and assistance are provided directly by manufacturers without intermediaries in order to provide a quick and immediate solution to any demand.
  • The gate is automatically locked in the closed position (irreversible system).
  • Manual release system by key.

Skoorry 843 MC 24V Motor Technical Data

Motor power supply 24V dc
dc motor power 300W
maximum thrust 2800N
Speed 12m/min
Gate weight length up to 800 kg
Operating temperature 20°C/+60°C
Maximum duty cycle continuous use
Magnetic limits




 Advanced professional Elecronic board with managmenet of all functions by App Dukapp, with absolute encoder system  represents a unique system to operate Gate openers

Can be powered by mains AC ( 110-230V 50-60Hz) power supply  by means of a toroidal transformer or by Batteries ( 12 or 24V) with solar panel recharge

System operatin voltage 12V-24V

Features input connectors for:

pedestrian wired command

total opening  wired command

emergency stop wired command

courtesy light

blinking light

safety photocells during closure

Safety photocells during opening

Battery  power supply

solar panel 

aereal antenna

Absolute encoder conenctor

protection fuses and onboard radio receiver 




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