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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors

Passy 100

€ 1,699.00EUR

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  • Automatic stand-alone barriers for pedestrian use. Access is controlled by remote control. Other additional devices  can be added to allow access by RFID, GSM, WiFi  as well

Automatic stand-alone barriers for pedestrian use.

Access is controlled by remote control. Other additional devices  can be added to allow access by RFID, GSM, WiFi  as well.

This is the ideal system for managing access in gyms, offices, or reserved work areas to which access must be limited to authorized users only.

Luxury satin-finished stainless steel posts and barriers give a taste of Italian style to your place.

Passy  is a versatile, practical, and simple system for efficient access control of shops, bars, restaurants, sports centers, schools, offices, and clinics.

The elegant structure, compact dimensions, and stainless steel finishes combined with the efficiency of Ducati gear motors make it a product with an unparalleled style.

Minimum size and maximum versatility

  • Passy is supplied pre-assembled, immediately ready for use without any need for a system, and offering the maximum versatility of use over time.
  • The system is self-supporting. It can be positioned and fixed permanently to the floor using the provided log bolts but can also be used without permanently fixing it to the ground.
  • A system with integrated wheels allows it to be moved and transportable according to your needs and without constraints.
  • The footprint of only 32 cm in depth allows it to be conveniently positioned at the entrance to the shops, also positioning it in front of the main entrance.

An autonomous system with low energy consumption

  • Passy comes with a special connector and cable to power it comfortably from an electrical outlet. No work is required to set up a special electrical system.
  • Passy is equipped with an energy saving system that allows its autonomous use even where it is not possible to supply it with the electricity grid: by choosing the variant with rechargeable batteries, the system can operate in complete autonomy even for several months and then recharge the batteries through the supplied power supply

Passy can be controlled by:

  • Ducati Rolling code radio controls
  • Ducati Radio Keypad (1 or 4 channels)*
  • Wired commands as push buttons*
  • Emergency wired button*
  • Emergency button wireless radio transmission system*
  • RFID cards*
  • Phone coll with GSM Module or GSM Intercom*
  • App on Smartphones with Wi-Fi 6090 Module*
  • Motion detector sensor*

      * =optional accessories to be added to the product

  • The system can be interfaced with other automatic opening systems


  • The system is equipped with an anti-pressure safety device on obstacles with amperometric detection. If you hit the barriers during access, they reverse the movement and reopen.
  • A system of infrared light safety sensors guarantees protection against shocks during the user's transit: if the photocells detect the persistence of the person's presence, they leave the passage accessible without closing the barriers, until the user has passed. This system guarantees the comfort and safety of passage for the elderly or with motor disabilities.
  • Manual safety release that can be operated easily in an emergency

Bi-directionality of passage

  • The barrier system limits access control in the direction of entry, but also allows automatic transit in the exit direction by adding an optional accessory as for example:  -exit push button or motion detector sensor. With this last optional device installed on the bottom backside of the barrier, once the person approaches the barriers will open.