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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors

MY PARK 2110

€ 395.00EUR

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  • Innovative PATENTED stand-alone automatic parking post
  • Ideal stand-alone & fully autonomous parking barrier to protect you private parking space from unauthorized parking of other's vehicles

Innovative PATENTED stand-alone automatic parking post.

Ideal stand-alone & fully autonomous parking barrier to protect you private parking space from  unauthorized parking of other's vehicles or to protect your private driveway from unauthorized  access 

Works 100% autonomously by a 12V battery. No wiring needed!

5 minutes installation.


No wiring required. Very easy stand-alone installation. Direct and easy fastening to the ground by the 2 supplied anchors. Mechanical protection of the fastening bolts to prevent theft/ tampering

  • REDUCED CONSUMPTION TECHNOLOGY  0,0003A stand-by consumption only ! This ensures up to 2 years autonomy before needing to re-charge the battery with the supplied battery charger.
  • DUCATI’s low consumption technology make it as reliable as a hardwired system
  • Robust Aluminum case. The arch remain locked in up and down positions. Manual release system by personalized key.
  • Anti-shock system, The arch is mounted on springs in order to be partially elastic to resist to minor front and side bumps
  • No wiring required. It gets  directly fixed to the ground by 2 anchors.
  • Once the battery needs to be recharged, the user will be advised visually: during the maneuver, the arch will stop a few seconds at 45° to indicate the battery needs to be recharged.

  • 1x MP2110 - Automatic parking post featured with 12V gear and electronic board in varnished Aluminum casing and stainless steel arch. fixing anchors + manual release system
  • 1x BAT1012 SLIM - 12V 5A rechargeable battery
  • 1x 203R - 2 channels radio Rolling coded remote control
  • 1x MP036 - Battery charger with plug
  • 1x BOOK - Installation manual

Main power
Battery 12V
System operating voltage 12V cc
Power 5W
Stand-by consumption 0,0036W
Opening Time 5 sec.
Working temperature -10°C / +40°C

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BAT 0512

BAT 0512


  • 12V 5A lead-acid sealed battery Extra slim model
  • Lead acid Capacity: 5Ah Volts: 12 Dimensions 5cm W x 15cm L x 9 cm H
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  • Radio rolling coded 1 channel KEYPAD With this radio key pad you can open your gate from a distance of 30m by digiting a 4 digit secret combination
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WiFi 6090 4CH

WiFi 6090 4CH


  • 4-channel Smart Wi-Fi switch control unit
  • Dialogue between the control unit and Ducati's opener via radio transmission Ducati rolling code
  • Open and close your swing shutters or gate opener directly from your smartphone
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