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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors

KOL 120SLT-70

€ 180.00EUR

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Pair of  stand-alone columns:

  • one column is 120cm H with integrated key switch and  infrared safety sensor (photocells). 
  • second column is 75cm H with integrated infrared safety sensor

Version with integrated courtesy LED light on both columns is also available.

The key switch can be used to command the opening of the gate.

Ideal for downhill installations as the integrated safety sensor position can be manually adjusted without affecting the external design of the columns

The pair of columns include one integrated pair of  PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS. 

The photoelectric sensor can be used to prevent the gate to touch a vehicle or person trepassing the driveway while the gate is closing.

It can be also used to detect vehicles or person approaching the gate and command the automatic opening of the gate once the infrared  light is interrupted.

Compatibility: Universal model

  • Sensing range: 12 m.
  • Power input: 12V/24V DC/AC
  • Color: silver/gray
  • Output : NC / NO contact

How does the safety sensor work:

If something is in the way or if something breaks the beam as your door or gate  is closing, the sensor will automatically make the door stop. 

The units transmit a beam from one end to the other that, when broken, serves as an effective safety device. When you close your gate or door, the sensor in the safety beam allows the door to continue closing as long as the beam remains unbroken. Should a person, pet, or vehicle break the beam, the door will immediately stop ( or re-open depending on your opener model)

Why should you  add  Photoelectric safety beam if DUCATI’s openers are provided with integrated safety obstacle detection system in compliance to EU safety standards EN12453 EN12445 ?

Because they  represents a very useful additional safety device that is recommended to be used to avoid any obstacle-contact while the gate is closing. In the case an obstacle intercepts, in the closing phase, the infrared ray of the device, it will produce the immediate reopening of the door  thus avoiding, for example, your vehicle being scratched from the leaf of the gate.

The additional safety beams help protect you, your family, friends and vehicles.

This device can also be used,  as  opening sensor: by connecting the NO contact of the safety beam  to the "START" connectors of your Ducati's gate opener you can  use this device to open the gate every time something break the infrared  beam.

Should a person, pet, or vehicle break the beam, the door will immediately open.