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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors

CTH48 2.0

€ 195.00EUR

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  • NEW! avalable since march 2023 this electronic board is the evolution of the previous CTH48 and offers additional features 

  • (protection plastic cover PLBOX and control box storage compartment BLBOX812 are not included )
  • Advanced-grade electronic board featuring FAST Speed & SOFT STOP + many additional professional grade features. Ideal for residential & commercial use. Can be powered by a main AC power supply or by a solar panel. Can be used on a single double or single 12V swing gate opener.
  • Ideal for automating a gate where the power supply is unavailable, but it is also good and recommended as an intelligent alternative to the existing power grid connection. It allows you to maximize your autonomy and savings: it simplifies and reduces installation costs and saves up to € 100* on annual electricity bills. (*average annual electrical cost of most of the standard gate openers available on the market)
  • Help protect our planet for future generations. by using a renewable energy source contributes to the preservation of the planet and the reduction of the consumption of fossil fuels harmful to the environment.
  • Highly reliable as featured with Ducati's low consumption technology FULLSOL: with only 0,007 stand-by consumption ensures long-lasting performances in all weather conditions. Up to 50 cycles daily guaranteed even by poor light, with a simple 12V 7A battery + 12V 10w photovoltaic solar panel. No additional modules require: it's all included: onboard solar panel & battery recharge management!
  • Featuring DUCO SAFE: obstacle detection safety system guarantees maximal safety of use to your family
  • DUCATI's rolling coded radio transmission (onboard radio receive & antenna cable) with its unique changing code, give you peace of mind that your family and property are safe and secure.


Compatible with all DUCATI's 12V actuators


  • DUCATI's rolling-coded remote controls
  • key switch or any switch button / loop detector with NO contact (normally open contact)
  • 12V photocells NC contact
  • 12V 10W max bulb blinker
  • External aerial antenna
  • 12V battery
  • 12 V min. 10W photovoltaic solar panel
  • 12V ac Electric-lock (Warning: the electric lock power supply output is 12Vdc, it is therefore necessary that the electric lock is equipped with a booster that transforms the 12Vdc output voltage Into 12Vac)
  • GSM 996 module to operate your gate by mobile phone
  • GSM INTERCOM 1096 for both intercom communication directly on your mobile phone and to operate your gate by mobile phone)

  • FAST and immediate opening of your gate: get instant high-speed and SOFT STOP
  • ASR automatic reversal system. Thanks to the integrated amperometric detection system and direction sensor, the opener is provided with an automatic reversal system in case the gate reaches an obstacle, the opener stops immediately and reverses automatically. The highest safety is ensured.
  • SELF-LOCK TECHNOLOGY The self-locking properties of the spindle increase the protection against a dangerous and unauthorized “pressing” of the gate and the otherwise necessary e-locks for the final positions can be omitted. A massive 20 mm diameter three-principle steel spindle made of PR80 steel ensures long and reliable operation.
  • Leaf phase displacement phase time adjustment: necessary in the case of a 2-wing gate with different opening angles.
  • Output for remote gate status indicator. light on = gate is open; light off = gate is closed; quickly flashing light= gate is closing;; slowly flashing light= gate is opening.
  • Features 2 working mode options: Automatic closing with adjustable time (you can vary the pause time from 1 to 100 seconds) or step-by-step ( push to open & push to close)
  • Easy self-storing of the remotes controls by pushing one button
  • Adjustable motor power/ obstacle detection sensibility. By decreasing the power the gate opener will be more sensible in case of impact on an obstacle. The adjustment is very easy: just need to rotate the potentiometer related to each motor.
  • Pedestrian opening (1 partial opening of one wing to allow the pedestrian crossing only) this feature can be controlled by remote control or switch button
  • On board integrated photovoltaic solar panel power supply management (no extra modules needed) the solar panel can be directly wired to the CTH48 electronic board
  • On board integrated battery charge management (no extra modules needed) the battery can be directly wired to the CTH48 electronic board
  • The CTH48 is designed to be powered by standard solar panels and batteries that are easily available on the market so it does not impose costly standard battery use as we do not impose to our customers customized expensive batteries.
  • DUCOSOL Technology Versatile operates by 3 types of power supply -by A.C. 110/230V 60/50Hz ( with toroidal transformer) -by emergency battery -by solar panel
  • CE conformity: product certified on all points of the current European regulations. Notify the body as NEMKO / INTERTEK test reports & certificates are available on request.
  • Safety is ensured by a sensitive amperometric obstacle detection system and pressure control. Photocells ( safety beans) are no longer mandatory. Photocells are an optional accessory that can be added to prevent scratches to the painting of vehicles crossing while the gate is closing. In compliance with EN norms EN13241-1: 2003 + A1 ( April 2011 ) EN12453 : 2002 EN12445 : 2000)
  • Totally in-house designed software and hardware are focused on reducing energy consumption and with attention to absolute reliability using innovative components of the latest generation as our High-quality radio receiver hybrid
  • Ducati chooses to use toroidal transformers only to achieve maximum reliability and safety by power surges and ESD. Our Standard 230V-50Hz transformer is also available in the 110V/60Hz version.


(solar panel & battery management on board) 

Power supply
protection fuse √10AF

use on 1 or 2 wing gate
output services 12V
stand-by power consumption 7mA
radio receiver 2 channel
remote controls channels storage capacity 20 codes
radio transmission protocol DUCATI rolling code
radio frequency 433,92MHz
remote control automatic learning
On board antenna
external antenna input
automatic closure working mode √ with adjustable pause time up to 100 sec.
step by step working mode √ one pulse to open; one pulse to close

Semi automatic working mode

√ during automatic closure mode a command can reopen the gate while closing
Motor power adjustment

√ by turning potentiometer clockwise you increase motor power and decrease obstacle detection sensibility

slow speed starting point adjustment

√ by potentiometer

Obstacle detection safety system (DUCO SAFE). In case an obstacle is detected during the maneuver, The gate will immediately stop preventing injuries.
√ amperometrical obstacle detection

In compliance with EU-CE norms.


dimerized ( 60 sec.) courtesy light output

flashing light output √ max. 10W 12V lamp. blinks quickly while closing, blinks slowly while opening
safety beam-photocells input (NC contact) √ NC normally closed contact Note: use of special low consumption photocells is recommended: use only DUCATI low consumption photocells model 7120

Click here to download the manual : 



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