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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors

8990 SOLAR

€ 489.00EUR

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  • Solar powered 100% autonomous 12V garage door opener
  • Ideal for sectional or counterweighted garage doors
  • Steady performance and up to 70 kg lifting power. High reliability
  • Features: electric limits, automatic closure, manual release system included
  • Safety obstacle detection system: in case of impact on an obstacle it reverse in compliance with EU safety norms.

The SOLAR POWERED garage door opener developed by Ducati is an internationally patented system ideal to operate sectional or overhead doors where the main AC power supply is unavailable. 

High performance and reliability. Lifting force up to 70Kg.

This operator is ideal for sectional or overhead spring balanced /with counterweigh balanced* doors. 

Warning! Counterweighted balances overhead doors also need the optional accessory # 992012 to be added to the garage door opener package.

This solar-powered garage door opener is also Ideal to reduce energy costs in the bill (garage door openers drawn power 24h/day) but also as a responsible choice to ensure the energy consumption containment using a renewable source of energy within everyone's reach.

Choosing a solar-powered opener gives you the pride of having environmental awareness and respect for the planet to be preserved for future generations.

The reduced energy consumption system developed by DUCATI guarantees high efficiency and autonomy over time. Even in non-optimal lighting conditions, 10 opening cycles per day are always guaranteed, keeping the battery always charged.

For frequent use or where the lighting conditions are not ideal,  a second solar panel can be added to ensure longer operating autonomy and faster battery recharging.

This product package includes all the fundamental components necessary to motorize the door, it is very simple to install and does not require specific skills.

In compliance with European anti-pressure safety regulations, it offers an advanced safety obstacle detection system which, in case of contact, reverses the movement.

The sensitivity level of the anti-pressure safety system is adjustable by means of a potentiometer.

Available in chain drive or belt drive versions. Belt driven version is recommended as it provides you al the power combined with extra quiet operations. Strong pulling force with 4 steel wires reinforced belt can lift heavy doors while delivering power, ultra-quiet performance. Ensures it will not disturb adjacent living spaces..

Equipped with an emergency manual release system that can be operated both from inside and outside the garage.

This operator offers electric limit switches to precisely adjust the start and end of the door movement

  • This garage door opener holds 1 international patent!
  • DUCATI's in-house made dc Motors are designed to ensure proven reliability. This efficient 12V motorgear with it's Hostaform® main gear Module 1,25 ensures High traction force, double electrical insulation, and electrical limit switches. Entirely produced within the DUCATI factory.
  • At least 10 openings/day guaranteed even in non-optimal lighting conditions
  • The reduced energy consumption (only 0.007A in stand-by) guarantees long-lasting autonomy.
  • Control unit housed along with the battery in a special wall-mounted. extremely convenient for making adjustments and checking the state of charge of the battery without having to access the motorhead positioned on the ceiling.
  • A battery charger is provided to be able to conveniently recharge the battery from an electrical outlet in case of need.
  • A LED on the electronic board shows the battery charge status. 
  • Use of standard lead-acid/gel rechargeable batteries
  • Offers double speed with slowdown (SOFT STOP) & reverse on an obstacle (ARS). 
  • Step by step working mode (push to open and push to close) or timed automatic closing 0-100 sec.
  • Safety guaranteed by an automatic obstacle detection system compliant with current European standards EN12453 EN12445
  • Easy photocells alignment* (*optional accessories) help system  controlled by LED + acoustic indicator
  • Easy solar panel positioning help system  controlled by LED + acoustic indicator
  • Radio-transmission system with Ducati's Radio rolling code protocol guarantees maximum safety and protection from radio interference and involuntary openings.
  • Up to 10 Ducati Rolling code remote controls/radio keyboards can be used to operate the same opener.
  • Counteract possible break-in attempts by firmly locking the door in the closed position.
  • Equipped with an accessory that allows the manual emergency release accessible from inside or outside
  • Guide length 2.70 m (3x 90 cm) and pre-assembled mounting brackets. comes with limit switches to precisely adjust the open and closed-door position
  • Made in Italy inside the Ducati factory (all components are produced internally)



  • 1 x 12V motor gear head with 1.25 module and electric limit switches + patented data transmission system
  • 1 x wall mounting control box with CTH44G electronic board 
  • connection cable between motorhead and control box
  • 2 x 6203Roll 2-channel Ducati rolling code remote controls
  • 1 x12V 7A battery
  • 1 x12V 10W solar panel
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 1 x U-rail with 2.7m belt drive. Pre-assembled mounting accessories
  • chain or belt drive system (select the desired product variant)
  • emergency manual release system that can be operated from inside and outside

* Starting from 01/04/2022, due to the difficulties in sub-supplying of some components, the vendor reserve the right to supply the product with these modifications:

  • the transformer could be replaced by a battery charger
  • the electronic board model could be replaced by a different model substantially equivalent to the one listed on the website
  Input Voltage 12V  from standard lead-acid/gel battery recharged by 12V min. 10W solar panel
System operating Voltage 12V
Max Pull Force 700N
Rated Power 120W
Stand-by consumption 0,007A
Max door height 2,35m. Warning:*counterweighted balances overhead doors also need the optional accessory # 992012 to be added to the garage door opener package. Warning: pay attention in case of particularly low doors or in case of very high vehicles: with the accessory 992012 take into account that the free space in height is reduced by about a further 15 cm.
Max door area 16mq
Headroom required min. 50mm
Hanging weight 9kg

Installation is very simple!

It does not require any specific technical competence to be able to install it, just a good manual skill is enough.

Technical assistance, provided by competent technicians is always at your disposal to help you before, during ort after installation

First carefully read the installation manual

once you are familiar with it if you need further help just contact us anytime 7/24h 365days/year to get our help

you can reach us by email: or by  WhatsApp/mobile:+39-335-10022019

Service can be provided in English, German, French, Italian. 

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