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Innovative PATENTED stand-alone automatic swing shutter opener

Ideal stand-alone & fully autonomous stand-alone swing shutter window opener

>Works 100% autonomously by a 12V battery. No wiring needed!

The comfort of  opening your swing shutters without having to protrude or manually open the window is now within everyone's reach.
In the case of historic buildings or where the expensive cost of an electrical system would discourage many from automating their shutters, Persy® is a unique and intelligent solution.


No wiring required. Very easy stand-alone installation. Direct and easy fastening to the architrave by anchors. 

Persy® is fixed in a few minutes to the architrave or the new or pre-existing window frame without any preparation.10 minutes installation, no wiring required: an easy way to automate your swing shutter windows or shutter doors  avoiding AC wiring.

Simple installation on almost any pre-existing structures, Persy® adapts to any width of architrave:
from one-sided shutters of min.48 cm, to double-leaf shutters of min.69cm up to the larger shutters.
With only 8cm of side encumbrance, Persy® can be installed on almost all existing structures.
The motors are covered by an adjustable length profile that integrates discretely into any architectural structure.

Safety and tranquility for the whole family
Equipped with an obstacle detection system in compliance with the European EN12453 EN12445 anti-pressure directive, it guarantees the safety of use for the whole family. In the event of contact with an obstacle, movement is immediately interrupted. Anti-intrusion locking system when the doors are closed.

Anti-burglary protection
Persy®, built with the principle of mechanical irreversibility, keeps the shutters locked in open or closed position, offering integrated protection.

For greater protection of your home and families from break-in attempts, you can add the optional Persy-lock, an electric lock that integrates perfectly into the profile. No visual impact and perfect product aesthetics.

persy lock

The specific Persy-block electro-bolt guarantees the further security of larger shutters.

Manual release system

In case of need, the shutter can be opened or closed manually: with a simple gesture, the release lever is lifted and manual operation is started, by lowering the lever the traction is restored.

  • REDUCED CONSUMPTION TECHNOLOGY  0,0003A stand-by consumption only ! This ensures up to 1 years autonomy before needing to re-charge the battery with the supplied battery charger.
  • DUCATI’s low consumption technology make it as reliable as a hardwired system
  • Persy® is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery that guarantees up to 12 months of total energy autonomy.
  • The integrated battery can also be recharged by a solar panel with a compact design to guarantee the slightest esthetic impact.
  • The system can always be powered from 230V ac mains, by means of the supplied charger.
  • Once the battery needs to be recharged, the user will be advised visually: during the maneuver, the shutter door will stop a few seconds at 45° to indicate the battery needs to be recharged.

Versatile system management
You can control your automated swing shutters from any Ducati's remote controls. The 2- 4 or 12 channels rolling coded remote controls come with wall support. You can  command it also by GSM  by a simple call.
The type of management is extremely versatile: you can choose whether to open the individual blinds one at a time or decide to operate the closure of all  shutters with just one click from a single device.
An integrated and intelligent system that simplifies your life!


Brochure Persy 

Download  Persy® Brochure

Persy 52 datasheet

download the form to request a customized quote




 Download  Persy® Brochure
form-persy Persy 52 datasheet
download the form to request a customized quote

2x 12V DC gearmotors with manual release system, electronic board in varnished Aluminum casing. 1 x Integrated electronic control unit with energy saving systems, stand-by consumption of only 0.0003A and 2-channel integrated radio receiver. 2 profiles with cover length 50cm* each. 2 ARKO 1 curved arms with guides


* total system length provided = 135cm,

* an additional profile is available for longer lintels. For shorter lengths it is possible to cut the supplied section as much as necessary

1x BAT0212  12V 2A rechargeable battery
1x 6202 2 channels radio Rolling coded remote control with wall support
1x MP036 battery charger with plug
1x BOOK Installation manual

Main power battery 12V
System operating voltage 12V cc
Power 5W
Stand-by consumption 0,0003A
Opening Time 15 sec.
Working temperature

-10°C / +50°C


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