EVO 748 T

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Ideal for double wing gate up to  5m/16ft wing length each leaf.

The perfect heavy duty gate opener.
Comes with powerful telescopic 500mm long stroke motor 
features SOFT STOP & many additional advanced features. Ideal for residential & commercial use

Ensures 100% autonomous use even where AC power is unavailable

DUCO FAST technology (24V version)

  • Quick closing and opening
  • Open your door faster than ever!
  • powerful & reliable 24V high speed motors faster than ever. ensures faster opening and closing of your door
  • The perfect answer where rapid manoeuvres are required, ensuring the shortest standing time and the maximum safety: for urban high-traffic areas ensures prompt action where rapid intervention is needed.

DUCOSOL Technology

Versatile, operates by 3 type of power supply

  • A.C. 110/230V 60/50Hz
  • By emergency battery
  • By solar panel

Highly reliable as featured with Ducati's low consumption technology DUCOSOL: with only 7mA stand-by consumption ensures long lasting performances in all weather condition.  Ideal for residential use. Up to 50 cycles daily guaranteed . No additional modules requires: it's all included: on board solar panel & battery recharge management!


  • The opener stops in both directions decreasing the speed and avoiding unwished banging closing.
  • This prevent from usury and ensure long life to your opener and door.
  • This function prevents the door banging closing

ASR (Autimatic Reversal System)

Thanks to the integrated amperometrical detection system and direction sensor, the opener is provided with an automatic reversal system in case the gate reaches an obstacle, the opener stops immediately and reverses automatically. Highest safety is ensured.


obstacle detection safety system guarantees maximal safety of use to your family


The self-locking properties of the spindle increase the protection against a dangerous and unauthorised “pressing” of the gate and the otherwise necessary e-locks for the final positions can be omitted. A massive 20 mm diameter three principle steel spindle made of PR80 steel ensures long and reliable operation

Kit Contents
  • 2x EVO700T  telescopic 500mm stroke 12V ( 24V version also available) electromechanic irreversible actuators supplied with 1 m outdoor use cable H05RN-F 2 x 1mmq
  • set of actuator's fixing brackets
  • 1x KONTROL 9048  large control box with electronic board, toroidal transformer, integrated radio receiver
  • 2x 6203Roll - 2 buttons 433,92 Mhz  rolling code radio transmitters
  • 1x FLASH7700 - blinking light 
  • 1x TASTY6500- radio keypad ( wireless)
  • 1 x LASER 7120 - pair of low consumption safety infrared photocells
  • 1 x STILO 6025 -external antenna
  • 1x key for manual emergency release
  • 1x instruction manual

  • POWERFUL  500mm stroke telescopic actuators ( choose 12V or 24V version)
  • Quick closing and opening. Open your door faster than ever (24V version)!
  • Double speed with SOFT STOP
  • SOFT STOP  adjustment: you can postpose/anticipate the slowdown phase
  • Obstacle detection sensitivity adjustment 
  • Inverse movement by obstacle detection while closing
  • Control unit with integrated battery housing compartment 
  • Integrated battery charger on board: just ready for connection to 1 x 12V battery ( for 12V version) or 2 x 12V emergency batteries in series connected( for 24V version). In case of power failure works autonomously up to 3 days
  • Integrated solar panel management: the card is a just ready to operate autonomously powered by solar panel. NOTE: For 12V version add a standard 12V battery + 1 x 12V min.10W solar panel. For 24V version add  2 x 12V batteries in series connected + 24V min.20W solar panel. No extra module needed 
  • Low consumption technology: only 0,07W stand-by consumption!  Protect the environment, reduces waste of energy and  gives long lasting autonomy with battery /solar panel use
  • Automatic closing with adjustable time (you can vary the pause time from 1 to 100 seconds) or step-by-step ( push to open/ push to close)
  • Adjustable motor power/ obstacle detection sensivity. By decreasing the power the gate opener will be more sensible in case of impact on an obstacle. The adjustment is very easy:  just need to rotate  potentiometer related to each motor.Status Warning light output: an external wired LED light can be connected to indicate if the gate is open, closed, closing or opening
  • Ideal for a safe, quick and easy  installation: the system is electrocution risk-free. 
  • heavy duty opener: can work in continuous cycles  without overheating
  • Adjustment of the time lag between the two doors
  • Pedestrian opening (1 partial opening the wing to allow the pedestrian crossing only) can be controlled by remote control or wired control.
  • Possibility of connecting an external timed courtesy light (example: garden light)
  • The gate is  automatically locked in closed position ( irreversibile system). 
  • Electro-lock is not needed, but recommended for wing longer than 2,8m each. Compatible with 12V electric-lock ( Booster required)
  • Made in Italy - All components are manufactured in the company to warranty high  quality and reliability.
  • After sale service and assistance provided directly by manufacturer without intermediaries
  • Easy  self-storing  of the remotes controls by pushing one button
  • Safety is ensured by an sensitive amperometrical obstacle detection system and pressure control. Photocells ( safety beans) are no longer mandatory. Photocells  are an optional accessory that can be helpful to prevent scratches to the painting of vehicles left in the vicinity of a moving gate. (EN13241-1: 2003 + A1 ( April 2011 ) EN12453 : 2002 EN12445 : 2000)    
  • CE conformity: product certified on all points of the current European regulations. Notify body as NEMKO / INTERTEK test reports & certificates available on request
  • Totally in house designed software and hardware are focused on reduce energy consumption and with attention to the absolute reliability using innovative components of the latest generation as our High quality radio receiver hybrid
  • Ducati chooses to use toroidal transformers only to achieve maximum reliability and safety by power surges and ESD. Our Standard 230V-50Hz transformer is also available in 110V/60Hz version.
  • Manual release system by universal triangular key

    Technical data



    Motor power supply (24V version)
    12V (24V)
    dc motor  (24V version) 120W (240W)
    max pushing & power 2400N (4800N)
    Stroke 500mm
    motor speed 
    (24V version)
    1,5mm (2cm/sec)
    telescopic actuator
    working cycles limit continuous use/ no limits
    working temperature -20°C/+50°C
    max wing length 5m/16ft   each leaf
    max.wing weight (24V version) 400kg/700lb each leaf ( 600kg)
    max. opening angle 137°
    automatic wing lock  √ irreversible actuator
    manual release system √ by triangular key
    Compatible with  gate opening towards outside

    NOTE: the actuator will stop by amperometric detection system: it therefore requires mechanical limits to be installed on the floor to stop the gate wing in the open and closed position. Special actuator model  in "FC" version are featured with on-board mechanical limits for the open wing position.



    (solar panel & battery management on board) 

    Main power supply (24V version)

    Versatile, operates by 3 type of power supply

    • A.C. 
    • By emergency battery 12V  ( 2 x 12V batteries in series connected)
    • By 12V 10W solar panel  ( 24V min 20W solar panel)
    toroidal transformer's Watts 105W output 0-12V-24V
    protection fuse 
    transformer protection fuse 0,8AT (1,2AT for 110V transformer)
    use on single or double wing gate
    output services 
    (24V version)
    12V (24V)
    stand-by power consumption 7mA
    radio receiver 2 channels ( 1 for full cycle opening, 1 for pedestrian access- partial 1 wing opening)
    remote controls channels storage capacity 20 codes
    radio transmission protocol DUCATI rolling code
    radio frequency 433,92MHz
    remote control automatic learning
    on board antenna
    external antenna input
    automatic closure working mode √ with adjustable pause time up to 100 sec.
    step by step working √ one pulse to open; one pulse to close
    motor power adjustment √ by potentiometer
    SOFT STOP √  adjustable by potentiometer
    Speed  (24V version)
     1,5cm/sec (DUCO FAST 2cm/sec)
    Obstacle detection safety system (DUCO SAFE)
    ASR auto reversal system on obstacle detection  √
    Wings time lag adjustment  √ 
    In compliance with EU-CE norms
    timerized courtesy light output
    output for remote advising light of gate status √ light on while gate is open, light off while gate is closed, fast blinking while closing, slow blinking while opening

    flashing light output


    (24V version)

    √ max. 10W 12V lamp (10W 24W) blinks quickly while closing, blinks slowly while opening
    electric lock output √  additional  booster needed
    safety beam-photocells input (NC contact) √ NC normally closed contact Note: use of special low consumption photocells is recommended: use only DUCATI low consumption photocells model 7120
    full cycle START input (NO contact)
    pedestrian cycle START input ( NO contact)
    Emergency STOP button input (NC contact)


    CLICK HERE to download general instruction manual

    EVO700T click to download installation diagram

    CTH48 click to download electronic board diagram

    6203Roll remote control instructions

    CTH48 installation video

    Spare parts
    PLBOX 812
       R403 UE (230V)
       R403 USA (110V)
    CTH48 (12V)
    SW124 SW124
    R1-400 R1/600
    Sw101 SW101
    R2/600 EVO
    GIU110 GIU110
    SW105 SW105
    R39SW R39SW

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